Do you speak Data ?

Why Join Us?

Six Reasons to help you decide


We are pioneers of digital transformation in our B2B sectors. It is not just our developers who are digital experts, all of our staff, whether marketers, journalists, or salespeople, have digital expertise relevant to their roles.


If you are proactive and embrace new challenges there is a place for you at Thinking Solution. We are always looking for self-starters ready to take initiative. We are here to support you succeed.


Innovation is at the core of our success and we want to hear all of your fantastic ideas. Whatever your expertise you will be a part of the company’s growth and involved with new product and services development.

Career Diversity

Our sector provides a great variety of careers and we encourage internal mobility creating bridges between departments and functions. You will regularly receive job opportunities from within the group.


We believe that a corporation of our size must contribute to improving our environment and helping others. You can join us either by helping protect the environment, by assisting young graduates with finding employment or any other number of projects.

Work-life Balance

Our staff are experts in their areas. Their enthusiasm, passion and dedication are key to our success but we ensure they have a good work-life balance. At Infopro Digital, you will find that harmonising business and personal life is the only way to guarantee success.

Live well. Be well.


Encouraging a healthy, balanced life

We aim to provide for your overall personal, financial and professional well-being by offering a complete benefits package centred on health, wellness and investing in your future.

We are growing our talented team

Our success comes from our people.
Looking for Thinking-minded professionals with a passion for driving Solutions.