Connecting data to provide insights


Revamp your business by implementing web-apps, platforms, architecture and technology with our data analytics services. Our solutions are customized to integrate the present technologies with emerging technologies, to create the best fit for each of your requirements. You get the ability to transform the business, add value to your business and equip your business external intelligence about gaps in your model and opportunities to improve, as we put to work industry best practices and insight-based analysis. We partner with our customers to identify common goals, provide recommendations, define roles and responsibilities and take corrective measures.

Data Visualization & Enterprise Reporting

Modern BI tools provide transformative data visualization and reporting capabilities that will help you:

  • Clearly convey complex data
  • Discover data trends
  • Point to possible actions
  • Help make fact-based informed decisions
  • Digitize manual processes
  • Enable data discovery and self-service
  • Enhance data accuracy

Our consultants are passionate about data and your business goals, making sure you have the right tools and know-how to make it as easy as possible to navigate thorugyyour data.

Business Intelligence Software

We help you select and implement the best fit BI tool for your business needs. With our years of expeirence in implementing BI software, and we’ll help you navigate through through the clutter in this crowded space.

Assessments and Health Checks

With assessements of your KPIs, business drivers and understanding of your business, we are in a great position to make recommendations for improved reporting and dashboards, that allow you look at your data afresh.

BI Implementations

We have on staff a trained pool of consultants, who can implement enterprise-wide analytics solutions, and also optimize current implementations. With our experience, we can perform full scale deployments, customizations, report automations, technical upgrades and configurations, and design for self-service across the company.

Training Services

In order to realize the full potential of the implementations, we can tailor our training and mentoring content related to your BI tools, for your team to be successful and productive. Coupled with a user adoption plan, we ensure you make the most of your BI tool investment.

Data Science

Machine Learning provides deep insights into data, letting you look ahead and help make proactive data-enabled decisions.

The true potential of data is not fully unlocked by most organizations. Our team helps deploy powerful tools and data science techniques available on the day. Our techniques allow customers manage with a lot of data to get started with machine learning, for not just large organizations with vast resources.

Our Data Science Services

We assess your readiness, move you away from processes and tools that do not justify costs for the value they add, and build tools and structures that reduce or eliminate human judgment. We work with almost every traditional and modern data science tool in the market.

  • Data Science Readiness Assessment
  • Build and Deploy Machine Learning Models

Our Ethical Approach to Data Science

Data science can bring huge benefits, but it can also result in quick failure, if implemented without proper planning and preparation. Typically, we invest time and energy upfront, ensuring that you are data science ready and make sure you understand the ramifications of machine-learning based decisions.

Customer Analytics

Using Data To Drive Performance

Customer insights, we believe, are the most important part of any business' performance organization. Understanding what changes are required to improve efficiencies across your sales organization gives the business the needed energy to take on all competition and other external challenges. It is important to tailor the performance plan to drive the desired behaviors from the sales team, and to ensure that the team has adopted appropriate processes. If these tasks are unattended, sales related decisions would be taken on assumptions, which could throw-up execution surprises.

By putting technical skills and subject matter expertise of our consultants to use, we could help remove the subjectivity involved in these decisions, and not leave them to mercy of time. Our consultants bring in the passion for developing and evaluating performance metrics and KPIs, to offer consistent data-driven insights and constantly evolve and improve your KPI environment and ultimately improve your sales and profits. Our consultants can help your team leverage the full power of your new or existing sales performance technologies, tools, processes and people to continually improve your sales performance through analysis.

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