How Can Marketing Teams Leverage

Data Analytics?

Marketing -- online or offline -- is one of the most important tasks for an organization’s growth efforts. It works on the simple idea that if people don’t know about your products or services, they will not buy them. Marketing increases brand awareness, generating more leads and ultimately more sales. So how do data analytic tools like Big Data come into play here? Let’s find out!

Marketing & Data Analytics: The Way Forward

1. Better Targeting & Customization

When you have access to data analytics, you can assess how well your marketing strategy is working.You'll know where your target audience comes from and understand their preferences so you can tailor your product according to those results.For example, if women are engaging with your campaign the most, talking about beard grooming won't help.

2. Compare & Beta Test

Say you launched three different marketing campaigns with equal budgets. Different in their approach, how do you assess which strategy is working better and giving a higher ROI? This is where data analytics can help. For example, if your campaigns have a CTA of visiting a website, data analytics can give you answers about how many clicks were generated from each campaign, what was the bounce rate, where did the visitors come from, etc.

3. Predict, Describe & Prescribe

According to Gartner, there are three levels of analytics.Predictive, descriptive, and prescriptive.With predictive analytics, you can predict how a certain marketing campaign will perform and the number of leads it will generate.With descriptive analytics, you’ll know in-detail how a campaign performed, what worked, what didn’t work as a part of a comprehensive report.And with prescriptive analytics, an advanced form of analytics can, you can understand how to solve business problems when it comes to marketing.To understand this better, you canget in touch with us.

Make Better Marketing Decisions!

One of the greatest ways through which marketing teams can leverage data is by making better, data-driven decisions. For example, if a campaign is performing well in Iowa, rather than California, you’ll be able to decide with confidence to pump in more money in the Iowa region, leading to a higher ROI. You can also decide what mediums of marketing are working best, what are the times of the day when you are getting high engagement, among other things. To learn how you can practically improve your marketing campaigns through data analytics, contact us at Thinking Solution.